6x Inspiration right now

1. Fresh tulips & spring vibes at home. The tulip season has begun, just bought the first ones today myself, what a springy feeling they added to my dining table! And I’ve also started to slowly decorate my home in a more fresh way after the Christmas.

2. Chunky cardigans over anything. Actually anything that is chunky and knitted.

3. Earth tones. Always and forever. Combined together = perfection.

4. Longer hair. As much as I liked my shorter hair style (and love lobs in general), now that spring and summer are approaching, I’ve started to miss my longer hair a little bit. I had a hairdresser appointment in December which I cancelled, I needed to think this through, and yes I will grow it again bit longer.

5. Caribbean. Still on my mind. So many good memories, and hey so many pictures still left!

6. Being obsessed about life. Hahah yes! Also I have a February challenge planned for me, it includes all kind of parts of my life: working out, eating, sleeping, working, friends, etc. If you want to hear more, I could tell a little bit about this.

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